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DJ Sportscars International Ltd. (DAX) is a family owned business with over twenty years experience in the design and manufacture of component cars. Starting as a glassfibre moulding company, we moved into reproduction bodyshells, and are now one of the leading manufactures of component car packages, based on a range of designs that have established our reputation as a market leader in this industry.

From the very beginning, we set ourselves the highest standards. All the kits are designed and manufactured with every detail correct, therefore the car can be quickly assembled with a little help from one of our comprehensive assembly guides, at a reasonable price. Encouraging the customers to give valuable feedback that enables the technical and sales team to fine-tune both product and service quality. The price breakdown of the components required, with no hidden costs.

Most important of all, customers are treated as individuals. Great interest is taken in the progress of all DAX cars, and often develops into long-standing friendships with their builders as a result. So take your time; come and see the cars being made and talk to the designers and engineers.

It's important you order your kit from a company you can trust - a company that can provide quality, value for money and service that will guarantee your car turns out the way you visualised.

Simon Johns
DJ Sportscars International Ltd.

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This is one of our most popular events of the year. Existing customers bring their beautifully finished DAX cars – filling up the surrounding roads! Potential customers can view these cars and chat with the owners. And see our showroom and factory.

Food & refreshments served.

Please note we will be closed on 9 SEPTEMBER